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Are you looking for an efficient and reliable tractor that can meet your varied needs as a farmer? If yes, then this Massey 260 tractor deserves your most attentive focus. It is renowned for its exceptional quality and durability the tractor has earned a lot of praise from the farmers of Pakistan. In this informative report, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide on the price along with the most notable features and details that come with the Massey 260 Tractor in Pakistan.

Introduction: Massey 260 Tractor

Massey Ferguson is an iconic name in the tractor industry, and their Massey 260 tractor is among their most acclaimed offerings. This tractor has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of farmers in Pakistan with features and specifications to meet an array of agricultural tasks.

260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Massey 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of the Massey 260 Tractor in Pakistan varies depending on the dealer, location, and any applicable taxes. You can see the following table for the latest prices of different models.

ModelLatest Prices
MF 260 2WDRs. 2,690,000
MF 260 Special EditionRs. 3,795,000

New vs. Used

When shopping for a Massey 260 tractor in Pakistan, you have two choices for purchasing it: new or used. A new tractor offers warranties against maintenance issues while used ones may be more affordable; either way, take care to ensure they’re in working condition before purchasing one of either variety.

Price Range

A brand-new Massey 260 tractor in Pakistan typically ranges between PKR 2,185,000 to 2 2,232,000 depending on its dealership and location; used units can cost an average of between PKR 1 Million and 1.5 Million.

Factors Affecting the Price of 260 Tractor in Pakistan

The price of a Massey 260 tractor in Pakistan will depend on various variables, including its condition, age, and location. Demand and supply play a role.

Check the Prices of Different Models:

Massey 260 Tractor Features

The Massey 260 tractor was designed with comfort and convenience in mind for its operator, featuring an ergonomic seat, easy-to-use controls and a spacious cabin to provide an optimal working environment.

Safety and Security

  • The Massey 260 tractor comes equipped with several safety features such as a rollover protection system (ROPS), seat belts and safety guards to keep its operator secure during operations. This ensures they stay protected while using it.

Efficiency and Productivity

  • The Massey 260 tractor was created to be both highly efficient and productive. It offers numerous features to aid productivity, such as its powerful engine, smooth transmission and user-friendly controls.

Durability and Reliability

  • The Massey 260 tractor is constructed to last, featuring sturdy yet reliable construction that ensures long-term performance. Built specifically to withstand the rigors of agricultural work, making it a reliable option for Pakistani farmers.

Massey 260 Tractor Specifications


The Massey 260 tractor features an efficient 4.41-liter diesel engine capable of producing 60 HP. Designed to maximize both power and efficiency, this engine ensures you make the most of your tractor investment.


For easy operation and maneuvering ease, the Massey 260 Tractor features an easy 8 forward/2 reverse gear transmission system with 8 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, making maneuvering through different terrain types effortless and ensuring smooth performance.

Power and Performance

The Massey 260 tractor is built to deliver outstanding power and performance, making it perfect for various farming tasks. Capable of pulling heavy loads, plowing fields, and performing other agricultural operations easily.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The Massey 260 tractor boasts a 47-liter fuel tank capacity, giving you ample working time without needing to refuel during operations.

Detailed Specifications in Table Form

Engine power at 2,250 rpm60 (B.S) hp
Torque at 1,600 engine rpm212 Nm
PTO power at rated engine speed48 hp**
Certified to BS AU 141a : (1971)Manufacturer’s estimate
TypeDiesel / T 3.1524
No. of cylinders3
Bore91.5 mm
Stroke127 mm
Capacity (litres)2.5
Compression ratio16:5: 1
Starting aidThermostart
Throttle controlHand and foot
Air Cleaner Type AirOil bath
Pre-CleanerOver bonnet
Fuel filterDual, high capacity
Oil CoolerAir Cooled, Fin Type
Voltage12 V Negative Earth
Battery118 Ah
Starter Motor2.2 kW
Alternator32 Amp.
TypeDual clutch
Diameter305 x 254 mm
TypeSliding Spur
Number of gears8 forward, 2 reverse
Speed (km/hr)
Road speed at 2,250 engine rpm with 14.9 / 13-28 rear tyres.
GearSpeed (km/hr)
Forward 1 (first low)2.6
Forward 23.8
Forward 35.2
Forward 47.0
Forward 5 (first high)10.4
Forward 615.2
Forward 720.8
Forward 827.9
Reverse 1 (low)3.5
Reverse 2 (high)14.7
Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm1,789 rpm
Shaft diameter35 mm
No. of splines6
Fuel tank47.51 Liter
Engine sump6.81 Liter
Cooling system11.70 Liter
Hydraulic system36.00 Liter
Steering box0.9 Liter
Oil bath air-cleaner0.5.0 Liter
FunctionsDraft control, Position control

Why choose Massey 260 Tractor?

The Massey tractor 260 is quickly becoming one of the Pakistani farmer’s most loved machines due to its strong engine, durable transmission system, and robust construction quality. The tractor is specifically designed to handle various farming tasks quickly and efficiently This tractor is ideal for farmers who rely on reliable and efficient machines.

Conclusion: Massey 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

The Massey 260 tractor is an efficient and powerful machine ideal for farmers in Pakistan. Equipped with features and specifications to assist them with various agricultural tasks, its price, condition, and location should all be carefully considered when purchasing one of these machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a Massey 260 tractor last?

With proper maintenance and care, a Massey 260 tractor can last for many years.

What is the fuel consumption of a Massey 260 tractor?

The Massey 260 tractor has an average fuel consumption of 2.5 to 3 liters per hour, depending on the task and terrain.

Can I finance a Massey 260 tractor?

Yes, many dealerships in Pakistan offer financing options for Massey 260 tractors. You can contact your local dealership for more information.

What is the warranty on a new Massey 260 tractor?

The warranty on a new Massey 260 tractor can vary depending on the dealership, but it typically ranges from one to two years.

What is the horsepower of a Massey 260 tractor?

The Massey 260 tractor has a 60-horsepower (HP) diesel engine.

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