Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan 2024 | General and Panther Tyres

Tractor tyres play a vital role in the farming sector, empowering Pakistani farmers to execute their tasks effectively. As we approach 2024, it becomes imperative to comprehend the elements that impact the price of tractor tires. This comprehensive article will delve into the intricacies of tractor tire pricing, placing particular emphasis on two renowned manufacturers: General Tyres and Panther Tyres.

Understanding Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Tractor tyre prices depend on various factors including brand, type, size, tread pattern and quality. It’s crucial to understand these aspects to determine the value and suitability of a particular tyre for your tractor. Additionally, front and rear tractor tyres may have different price ranges due to variations in design and functionality.

Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Overview of Panther Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Panther is a renowned brand offering tractor tyres in Pakistan. Let’s take a closer look at the price ranges for front and rear Panther tractor tyres:

Front Panther Tractor Tyre Prices

The prices for front Panther tractor tyres in Pakistan typically range from Rs. 6,540 to Rs. 12,440. Prices may depend on various factors including size, tread pattern and other features of the tyre.

PLYTyre SizePrice in PKR
6 PLY6.00-16Rs. 6,540
8 PLY6.00-16Rs. 7,380
10 PLY6.00-16Rs. 7,980
6 PLY7.50-16Rs. 10,512
8 PLY7.50-20Rs. 12,440

Rear Panther Tractor Tyre Prices

For rear Panther tractor tyres, the prices in Pakistan fall within the range of Rs. 30,090 to Rs. 61,570. Again, factors such as tyre size and specifications can influence the final price within this range.

PLY RatingTyre SizePrice in PKR
612.4/11-28Rs. 30,090
812.4/11-28Rs. 31,700
1212.4/11-28Rs. 32,810
614.9/13-28Rs. 42,440
814.9/13-28Rs. 43,240
1214.9/13-28Rs. 55,590
1216.9/14-30Rs. 57,990
1215.5-38Rs. 61,570
1418.4/15-30Rs. 69,434

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Exploring General Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

General is another well-known brand offering tractor tyres in the Pakistani market. Let’s explore the price ranges for front and rear General tractor tyres:

Front General Tractor Tyre Prices

The prices for front General tractor tyres in Pakistan typically range from Rs. 6,250 to Rs. 12,750. As with any product, the prices of tyres can depend on multiple factors including size, tread design and additional features.

Tyre SizePlyPrice in Pakistan
6.00-166 PlyRs. 6,250
6.00-168 PlyRs. 6,710
7.50-166 PlyRs. 9,850
7.50-168 PlyRs. 10,450
7.50-208 PlyRs. 12,750

Rear General Tractor Tyre Prices

For rear General tractor tyres, the prices in Pakistan generally range between Rs. 29,250 and Rs. 72,910. The final cost will depend on several variables such as tire size, load-carrying capacity and any special features offered by each tyre.

Tyre SizePlyPrice in Pakistan
12.4/11-286 PLYRs. 29,250
12.4/11-288 PLYRs. 30,800
12.4/11-2812 PLYRs. 32,250
14.9/13-288 PLYRs. 44,450
14.9/2812 PLYRs. 48,850
16.9/14-308 PLYRs. 56,650
16.9/14-3014 PLYRs. 57,900
18.4/15-308 PLYRs. 70,680
18.4/15-3014 PLYRs. 72,910

Factors Influencing Tractor Tyre Prices

Understanding the factors affecting tractor tires in Pakistan will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes time for purchase. Here are some key considerations:

Quality and Durability:

The quality and durability of a tractor tyre play a crucial role in determining its price. High-quality tyres are often designed to withstand rugged terrains, resist punctures, and provide better traction. Such tyres may come at a higher cost due to the advanced materials and manufacturing processes involved.

Brand Reputation:

Well-established and reputable Tractor Tyre brands in Pakistan often command higher prices due to their reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction. These brands invest in research and development, ensuring that their tyres meet industry standards and offer superior performance. However, before choosing one brand over another, it’s essential to assess its specific features and benefits to ascertain if its higher price warrants it.

Tyre Size and Specifications:

Tractor tyres come in various sizes and specifications to accommodate different types of tractors and farming needs. The size and specifications of a tyre can affect its price. Larger or specialized tyres may come at a higher price tag. It’s important to choose a tyre size that is suitable for your tractor and the specific requirements of your agricultural operations.

After-Sales Support:

The level of after-sales support provided by a tyre manufacturer or distributor can influence the overall price. Brands that offer comprehensive warranty coverage, responsive customer service, and readily available spare parts may have slightly higher prices compared to those that provide limited support. Considering the long-term benefits and peace of mind that come with good after-sales support, it’s important to think about this when making a buy.

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Making an Informed Purchase Decision

When it comes to selecting the right tractor tyres for your needs, price is just one aspect to consider. Here are some additional factors to help you make an informed purchase decision:

Evaluating Performance and Terrain Suitability

Consider the specific performance requirements of your tractor and the terrains it will operate on. Different tyres are designed for various applications, such as fieldwork, transport, or specialized tasks. Assessing the performance characteristics and terrain suitability of the tyres will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Considering Longevity and Fuel Efficiency

Longevity and fuel efficiency are key considerations for cost-conscious tractor owners. Look for tyres that offer a balance between durability and fuel efficiency. Tyres with low rolling resistance can contribute to fuel savings over time while maintaining satisfactory performance.

Checking Warranty and Support

Review the warranty terms and conditions provided by the tyre manufacturer. A comprehensive warranty can provide protection against manufacturing defects and premature failures. Additionally, consider the availability of service centres and spare parts to ensure you can access support when needed.

Conclusion: Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Selecting the right tractor tyres is crucial for maximizing the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your agricultural machinery. While prices vary for General and Panther tractor tyres in Pakistan, it’s essential to consider factors such as quality, durability, brand reputation, tyre size, and after-sales support. By evaluating these factors alongside your specific requirements, you can make a well-informed purchase decision that meets your needs and ensures optimal performance on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are General tractor tyres more expensive than Panther tractor tyres?

The prices of General and Panther tractor tyres can vary depending on the specific tyre size, specifications, and features. It’s advisable to compare the prices of both brands for the desired tyre size to determine the best option based on your requirements and budget.

What factors should I consider when choosing tractor tyres?

When choosing tractor tyres, consider factors such as quality, durability, brand reputation, tyre size, terrain suitability, longevity, fuel efficiency, warranty, and after-sales support. Evaluating these factors will help you select the most suitable tyres for your agricultural operations.

Are the tyre sizes mentioned in the table suitable for all tractor models?

The tyre sizes listed in the table are commonly used for various tractor models. Before making the final decision while purchasing your tractor parts, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis.

Can I find other tyre sizes with different PLY ratings in the market?

Yes, there are various other tyre sizes available in the market with different PLY ratings. The table provides a sample of tyre sizes and their corresponding PLY ratings.

Are these prices inclusive of any additional charges or taxes?

The prices mentioned in the table are indicative and may vary depending on the location and dealer. Additional charges or taxes, such as sales tax or transportation fees, may apply and should be confirmed with the respective seller.

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