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If you’re an agricultural expert in Pakistan seeking a dependable and efficient disc harrow, your quest concludes right here. Zeeshan Zarai Alat presents an extensive assortment of top-notch disc harrows designed to meet the varied farming requirements in Pakistan. Within this article, we will delve into the price of disc harrow in Pakistan and illuminate the significant role played by Zeeshan Agro in contributing to the agricultural sector.

Disc Harrow Price in Pakistan

Disc Harrow Price in Pakistan 2024

Here are the current prices of All Goble Disk Harrow of Zeeshan Agro (Zeeshan Zarai Alat) with 24 inches Disk.

Goble Disk HarrowManual PricesHydraulic PricesDouble Hydraulic Prices
14 DiscRS. 475,000RS. 500,000RS. 530,000
16 DiscRS. 510,000RS. 555,000RS. 580,000
17 DiscRS. 520,000RS. 555,000RS. 585,000
18 DiscRS. 545,000RS. 585,000RS. 615,000
19 DiscRS. 560,000RS. 595,000RS. 630,000
20 DiscRS. 580,000RS. 615,000RS. 650,000
21 DiscRS. 600,000RS. 635,000RS. 670,000
22 DiscRS. 620,000RS. 655,000RS. 690,000

Factors that Affect Disc Harrow Price in Pakistan

There are several factors that affect the fluctuation of disc harrow prices. To better understand and choose an option that suits your farming needs, consider the following:

Quality and durability of materials used:

The construction of a disc harrow plays a significant role in determining its price. Harrows made with high-quality materials and sturdy engineering are more expensive but provide increased durability and lifespan.

Size and capacity of the disc harrow:

Disc harrows come in various sizes and configurations to fit different farm sizes and soil types. Larger, more powerful disc harrows typically have higher prices due to their enhanced capabilities.

Brand reputation and manufacturer:

Well-established brands with a track record of producing reliable agricultural machinery usually charge higher prices for their disc harrows. Brand value, customer support, and warranty coverage all play a factor.

Additional features and customization options:

Some disc harrows have added functionality like adjustable gang angles, depth control systems, or hydraulic functionality. These added features may increase the price but offer improved control and convenience during use.


The condition of a disc harrow can have a significant impact on its price. Used models may cost less than new versions but may not be in ideal condition. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly inspect any prospective purchases of used disc harrows before making a decision.

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Features of Disc Harrows

Disc harrows come equipped with various features depending on their manufacturer and intended use, some of which include:

  • Size of Disc Plowing Machine: The disc size determines both its depth of plowing and how much soil can be cut away and loosened during each pass.
  • Number of Discs: The number of discs determines the width of the plowing area.
  • Spacing of Discs: The distance between discs determines how much soil will be cut or loosened during operation.
  • The angle of the Disc: The angle of a disc determines how much soil will be lifted and turned over during each pass of the machine.
  • Hitch Type: The hitch type determines how the disc harrow is connected to the tractor.

Types of disc harrow:

There are various types of disc harrows, each designed for specific farming tasks. Knowing about these types will help you select one that is suitable for your particular needs.

1- Offset disc harrow:
This type of harrow has two sets of discs offset from each other to cut through tough soil and crop residue effectively. They are most frequently used for primary tillage and land preparation purposes.

2- Disc plow:
Disc plows are ideal for deep tillage and breaking up compacted soil, as their disc-shaped blades penetrate more deeply than other types of harrows.

3- Tandem disc harrows:
Tandem disc harrows have two gangs of discs mounted together, which work in unison to break up soil clumps and prepare an even seedbed surface. They’re ideal for secondary tillage and seedbed preparation tasks.

4- Disc ridge:
A disc ridger is used for planting crops into ridges or mounds and is typically utilized when cultivating potatoes and root crops. These planting tools consist of two sets of interlinked discs mounted to a frame, which creates raised beds for planting purposes and makes planting easier.

Tips for Buying a Disc Harrow in Pakistan

When purchasing a disc harrow, it is essential to keep in mind the following points.

  • Explore and compare available brands and models available on the market, as well as their features and prices.
  • Consider the quality of materials used to construct the disc harrow.
  • Check for spare parts and maintenance services available for the brand and model you select.
  • Read reviews and solicit advice from other farmers or agricultural specialists.
  • Purchase from an established and authorized dealer such as Zeeshan Zarai Alat (Zeeshan Agro) to ensure quality and protection from the warranty.

Conclusion: Disc Harrow Price in Pakistan

In conclusion, the disc harrow is an essential piece of farm equipment for Pakistani farmers. When purchasing one, several factors must be considered, including size, type, brand and condition. As prices can differ significantly based on these considerations we hope this article has provided valuable information regarding disc harrow prices in Pakistan so you can make an informed decision when purchasing one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to buy a local or imported disc harrow?

It depends on factors such as quality, availability of spare parts, and budget. Local disc harrows may be more affordable and easier to maintain, while imported disc harrows may offer better features and performance.

Can a disc harrow be used for deep tillage?

No, disc harrows are not suitable for deep tillage as they can only work at a limited depth.

What is the average lifespan of a disc harrow in Pakistan?

The average lifespan of a disc harrow in Pakistan depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of the product. With proper maintenance and care, a disc harrow can last for several years.

How often should a disc harrow be serviced?

A disc harrow should be serviced regularly, depending on usage and manufacturer recommendations. It is recommended to clean and lubricate the harrow after use and to have it inspected and serviced by a professional at least once a year.

What is the warranty period for disc harrows in Pakistan?

The warranty period for disc harrows in Pakistan varies depending on the manufacturer and dealer. It is important to check the warranty terms and conditions before purchasing a disc harrow.

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