NARC G1 Garlic in Pakistan 2023: Latest Prices

In Pakistan, the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Islamabad created the NARC G1 Garlic variety. This garlic variety has superior yield and phenotypic traits when compared to other locally cultivated varieties such as Italian garlic, Desi Gulabi, and Chinese garlic, making NARC-G1 a superior candidate for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

NARC G1 Garlic candidates for national and international agricultural benefits have larger bulb sizes, better plant heights, and vigorous compatibility with the harsh environment (Khan et al., 2018). The new NARC-G1 variety is being researched not only for mass production but also for pharmaceutical and therapeutic benefits. The price of NARC G1 Garlic in Pakistan also depends on the size of the bulb. The larger the bulb, the higher will be the price.

Previously, only a few studies looked into the phenotypic traits of NARC-G1. However, the genetic basis for the production and content of phytochemicals in NARC-G1 in comparison to other garlic breeds grown in the region remains unknown. In our novel study, we used HPLC to investigate the presence of the bioactive compound allicin in G1 and other garlic varieties, as well as the elemental profiling of each garlic variety.

What is NARC G1 Garlic? نارک جی ون لہسن

NARC-G1 is a garlic variety known for its large bulbs and high yield. Dr. Humayun Akhtar introduced this new variety of garlic. Pakistan has brought its own variety over the last forty years, which is called Narak G1. It is a unique type of garlic. This year its production has been recorded up to 250 million per acre. Which is the highest production of any type of garlic in Pakistan.

The main advantage of this type of garlic is its long shelf life. If it is stored with the stalk in a well-ventilated and shaded place, it will not spoil for a year. If the farmer stores it well and sells it in winter, the general market rate will also increase significantly.

NARC G1 Garlic

Garlic is one of the most popular spices used in kitchens around the world. This plant is also used in a number of medicines. Garlic fights many diseases effectively. Strengthens immunity. Prevents the growth of bacteria and infections. If you eat just one clove of garlic a day, you will feel its positive effect after a short period of time. A small portion of garlic contains a large number of amino acids, saponins, vitamins, provitamins, and mineral salts, which replace many drugs taken from the pharmacy.

NARC G1 Garlic Seed Price in Pakistan Today 2023

As of 2023, the price of NARC G1 garlic in Pakistan varies depending on the region and the season. The average price of NARC G1 garlic ranges from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2000 per kilogram. These prices are slightly higher than the prices of other varieties of garlic in the country, but the quality of NARC G1 garlic justifies the higher price point.

NARC G1 GarlicMinimum PricesAverage Prices
Fresh (Wet)RS. 1800RS. 2000
Dried GarlicRS. 3000RS. 5000

But keep in mind that the prices may vary according to the location of the farm.

Availability of NARC G1 Garlic in Pakistan

NARC G1 garlic is available in all the major cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. However, the availability of NARC G1 garlic can be affected by the season, as the garlic is typically harvested in late spring and early summer. Keep in mind that demand for NARC G1 garlic can be high, and placing an order as early as possible in order to guarantee availability may be necessary.

Best Climate for NARC G1

Garlic is a seasonal crop. At the time of sowing, it needs cool weather i.e. low degree of heat (25-30). While it requires warm or pleasant weather for the bulb formation and ripening of the crop. NARC G1 garlic is designed to grow well in Pakistan’s climate and soil. It does best in temperate or subtropical temperatures with sufficient rainfall. To ensure a successful crop, plant NARC G1 in the fall to give its roots enough time to grow before winter.

For optimal growth, NARC G1 garlic needs well-draining and fertile soil with a pH range between 6.5 to 7.5. NARC G1 garlic needs lots of organic matter and enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow well. Water retention is crucial, as consistent irrigation is needed throughout the growth period.

However, other factors can impede garlic production, such as sunlight exposure, fertilizers, pesticides and harvest methods. NARC G1 garlic is a hardy and adaptable crop that can thrive under diverse conditions.

By creating the best-growing conditions and following the best cultivation practices, farmers in Pakistan can maximize the yield and quality of NARC G1 garlic. This will contribute to the success of Pakistan’s flourishing garlic industry.

Land and its preparation

A fertile and well-drained mine land is most suitable. First of all, plow the soil and then level the soil with laser leveling. Now turn and check the level so that drainage can be made easier in the future. One month before sowing, i.e. in the second or third week of August, 8-10 trolleys of rotted dung manure should be mixed well with a chisel and pressed down on the dung particles so that it decomposes further and turns into natural manure. Before sowing, add phosphorus and potash and run the cultivator 2-3 times, break the soil well, and smooth it with manure. After that make ridges or beds.

Cultivation time

Garlic is an early rabi crop that can be cultivated from mid-September to the entire month of October. 25-30 degrees centigrade is the ideal temperature for good germination.


  • Narc- HG1
  • Garlic pink
  • NS-756
  • China white
  • Iranian/Italian

Per Acre Seed Rate

Medium to large-sized cloves should be used as seeds to get a good yield. The amount of seed depends on the number and weight of pods per cluster. While per acre can change (more or less) with row-to-row and plant-to-plant distance.

A careful estimate of the main types of garlic seed is given below.

Sead TypeWeight
China white600 KG
NS-756320 KG
Pink garlic240 KG

Cultivation Method for NARC G1 Garlic

Garlic pods are usually cultivated on ridges. While you can also cultivate it on flat ground or beds. Generally, the ridges are placed in the east-west direction so that the passage of sunlight is better.

To get a good yield, you need between 80000 and 100000 plants per acre. Above the ridge of the plants then zigzag on both sides while on the bed in 3-5 rows where the distance from row to row is 10-12 inches while the distance from the plant to plant will be 6-8 inches.

Keep the distance between bed to bed at least 16-18 inches for the tractor to pass. Press the seeds 1 to 2 inches deep. While the blunt end should be downwards and the pointed end should be upwards. Then put a little soil on it and water it.

NARC G1 Garlic in Pakistan

Irrigation System

The first water should be given four hours after planting the garlic, i.e. within 24 hours. In the first month, the crop should be watered at intervals of 10-15 days. In the next 2 months i.e. December and January, the period of water will be 15-20 days. If the weather is cold or rainy, the interval may be longer.

In the last 6-8 weeks i.e. in March/April, the growth of the buds is taking place, then water should be given as per requirement. There is a risk of mildew on the bales when there is excessive water or rain. In common parlance, garlic is called a water-hating crop. So apply water but it should be done with caution.


Take 1-2 tons of wheat straw or rice straw and apply a layer of 1-2 inches. Mulching will help control weeds as well as increase soil fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Several people have asked questions regarding this garlic variety, so I have listed them below.

Garlic is planted in two cycles, spring and fall. Winter garlic, which is planted in the fall. It does not thrive in winter and emerges in spring. Winter-planted seeds produce plump garlic with larger heads and ripen much earlier than spring varieties. Reaches up to 120 cm in height. Bale weight up to 280 grams. On the other side is spring garlic. Which is planted in spring. The best months for sowing are October to November.

NARC G1 Garlic is a hard-neck variety, which means it has a hard stem or “scape” that grows from the center of the bulb. This stem can be used as a vegetable and is considered a delicacy in some cultures.

It is a popular choice among farmers and consumers, which can drive up demand and prices. Also, the production of NARC G1 is limited and its distribution is limited to a specific region, So it might not be available everywhere, which can also contribute to its higher price.


    1. The future of G1 garlic in Pakistan appears promising. With its superior yield, larger bulb sizes, and compatibility with harsh environments, G1 garlic from the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) has gained recognition as a superior variety compared to others cultivated locally, such as Italian garlic, Desi Gulabi, and Chinese garlic.

      The ongoing research on the NARC-G1 variety, not only for mass production but also for potential pharmaceutical and therapeutic benefits, opens up new avenues for its utilization. This indicates that G1 garlic has the potential to not only contribute to the agricultural and industrial sectors but also to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

      Furthermore, the market demand for G1 garlic is likely to remain strong due to its exceptional qualities and larger bulb sizes. As consumers become more aware of the benefits of this variety, the demand and price for G1 garlic in Pakistan may increase. Farmers who cultivate G1 garlic can potentially benefit from its popularity and secure a favorable market position.

  1. almost all growing parameters are added and appreciable for new growers. kindly inform moisture content at planting stage of G1 garlic

  2. Almost 100kg of dried seed is required for 1Kanal.
    Rate of the dried seed is varying so you have to keep an eye on it.

  3. Mashallah worth appreciating knowledge provided to farmers. God bless u for this. G1 is future of Pakistan inshallah

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    Shah Jehan, Rawalpindi

  5. Hi admin۔ I need some information about G1 🧄 garlic ۔ because I want to start this۔ that’s way I want to know that۔ how much cost of per acre ۔on the other hand, what is the cost of per KG۔ DRY or wet۔ kindly drop the e Mail۔

    1. Hi Hamza,

      The cost per acre depends on the cost per kg, and prices per kg can vary in different areas. Additionally, the prices may also depend upon the seed size. However, an average of 800 kg per acre is required.

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