Fiat 480 Tractor Price 2024 in Pakistan

The pricing of the Fiat 480 Tractor in Pakistan captures the attention of numerous individuals engaged in the agricultural industry. This all-inclusive article endeavors to deliver valuable perspectives on the price, features, specifications, and overall importance of the Fiat 480 Tractor in Pakistan. Whether you are a farmer, an enthusiast of agriculture, or simply curious about the tractor market – this article is sure to prove useful for both.

Overview of New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor

Before we get into the price that comes with the Fiat 480 tractor, let’s take a quick look at what the tractor can provide. It is the Fiat 480 tractor is a 2WD tractor with a 48-horsepower engine. The tractor is well-known for its efficiency in fuel use and low maintenance cost. It also has various options, including power steering, disc brakes with oil-immersed technology, and adjustable rear wheels. It is the Fiat 480 tractor is designed to tackle a variety of jobs, including plowing, tilling, and harvesting.

Additionally, it is possible to attach a corn planter to a Fiat 480 tractor. However, the compatibility of the Corn Planter Machine in Pakistan would depend on a number of factors, including the planter’s size and weight, the tractor’s power, and the availability of the necessary hydraulic connections.

Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

After we’ve covered the elements that affect the cost of the Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan Let’s take an examination of the actual cost. The cost for the Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan could range between PKR 1,000,000 and 2 million PKR based on the above factors.

ModelOld Prices (PKR)New Prices
Fiat 480Rs.1,898,000Rs. 2,194,000
Fiat 480SRs.2,024,000Rs. 2,278,000
Fiat 480 SpecialRs.2,200,000N/A
Fiat 480 Power SteeringRs.2,400,000N/A

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Factors Affecting Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

The pricing can be influenced by several factors. Here are some of the factors that can impact the price:

1. Location

The cost for Fiat 480 tractor will vary according to the region in Pakistan the country from which you purchase it. Tractors located in areas that are more remote might cost more due to transport expenses.

2. Dealer

The dealer that you purchase the tractor from could impact the cost of the tractor. Some dealers offer promotions or discounts which can reduce the cost of the tractor.

3. Condition

The state of the tractor could influence the cost. An old tractor could be less expensive than a brand-new tractor, but it might need more maintenance.

4. Demand

There is demand for the Fiat 480 tractor could also impact the price. If demand is very high it could result in a price increase because of the limited availability.

Where to Buy the Fiat 480 Tractor in Pakistan?

If you are considering purchasing the Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan, you have several options. You can buy it from an authorized dealer in your area or through online marketplaces like alghazitractors. Make sure to conduct research and compare prices to get the best deal.

Benefits of the New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor

The Fiat 480 tractor offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for farmers in Pakistan. These benefits include:

Fuel Efficiency:

This Fiat 480 tractor is known for its efficiency in fuel use which can allow farmers to reduce money on fuel expenses.

Low Maintenance Costs:

This Fiat 480 tractor has been designed to be simple to maintain, which could assist farmers in saving money on maintenance expenses.

Powerful Engine:

With its 48-horsepower engine, the Fiat 480 tractor can handle a variety of tasks.


The Fiat 480 tractor is designed for plowing, tilling, and harvesting, making it versatile for different farming needs.

Specifications of Fiat 480 Tractor

The Fiat 480 tractor is a mid-sized tractor equipped with an efficient diesel engine, powerful transmission and powerful hydraulic system for lifting and positioning implements. Power steering and disc brakes offer comfort to the operator while durable tires and ground clearance make it suitable for working on rough terrain. Versatile in use, this tractor has become popular among farmers around the world for various farming tasks.

Here’s the detailed specification list:

Engine type4-cylinder diesel
Engine displacement2.9 liters
Power output48 horsepower at 2250 RPM
Torque168 Nm at 1400 RPM
Air cleanerDry-type
Transmission typeSynchromesh, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears
Clutch typeDry-type, single plate
PTO typeIndependent, 540 RPM
Differential lockMechanical
Hydraulics typePosition and draft control
Pump flow rate16 liters/minute
Maximum lifting capacity1600 kg
Steering typePower steering
Turning radius3.4 meters
Brake typeOil-immersed disc brakes
Parking brake typeHand-operated
Front tire size6.00 x 16
Rear tire size14.9 x 28
Length3.4 meters
Width1.85 meters
Height2.3 meters
Wheelbase2.1 meters
Ground clearance0.39 meters
Weight2220 kg
Fuel tank capacity70 liters

Conclusion about Fiat 480

The Fiat 480 tractor offers powerful engines, user-friendly controls, and reliability – making it a favorite among farmers in Pakistan. Prices currently range between Rs. 1,898,000 and Rs. 2,400,000 depending on factors like location, dealer condition and demand – providing farmers with ample opportunity to make informed decisions when considering multiple sources’ prices and making informed choices about which tractor best meets their needs.

When purchasing the Fiat 480 tractor, it is crucial that a trustworthy dealer or online marketplace be chosen in order to guarantee authenticity and quality. Thorough research must also be conducted regarding its condition and features to find one which best matches agricultural needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Fiat 480 tractor suitable for large farms?

Yes, it is, this Fiat 480 tractor is powerful enough to take on a variety of farm tasks that are large.

Can I purchase the Fiat 480 tractor online in Pakistan?

Absolutely, you can. There’s a variety of online marketplaces that allow you to get this Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan.

How often does the Fiat 480 tractor require maintenance?

It is the Fiat 480 tractor is designed to be easy to maintain however it’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding maintenance.

Can I negotiate the price of the Fiat 480 tractor with the dealer?

It is possible to negotiate the cost for the Fiat 480 tractor with the dealer however it will depend on the particular dealer and conditions.

What is the warranty on the Fiat 480 tractor?

The warranty for the Fiat 480 tractor varies based on the manufacturer, so it’s essential to contact the dealer for warranty details.

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