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Are you a farmer in Pakistan searching for a reliable and high-quality 50-horsepower tractor? Look No Further than the Millat MF 240 Tractor Model! At a current market price of 2,190,000 PKR, the Millat MF 240 Tractor offers reliable farming equipment at an attractive price, making it an excellent addition for both small and large-scale operations alike. Interestingly enough, its cost is slightly more expensive than that of the Millat MF 260 Tractor!

Introduction of Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 240 tractor is well-known for its reliability and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for small to medium-sized farms in Pakistan. This versatile tractor is capable of plowing, tilling, planting and harvesting tasks simultaneously. Furthermore, its affordability and durability make it popular with farmers throughout Pakistan.

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor Price

Price of an MF 240 Tractor in Pakistan

The price of an MF 240 tractor in Pakistan can depend on various factors, such as its location of sale, condition of the machine, year of manufacture and year of modification; however, as of 2024, the average net price was approximately Rs. 2,020,000.

MF 240 TractorPrice
Old PriceRs. 2,020,000
New PriceRs. 2,190,000

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Factors Affecting Massey Ferguson 240 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Many factors can have an effect on the price of Tractors in Pakistan, but three key ones stand out as significant:

Location of Dealership
Where a dealership is situated can have a considerable effect on the cost of an MF 240 tractor purchase. Dealers in urban areas generally have higher overheads and may charge higher prices as a result.

Condition of the Machine
The condition of a tractor can also play a factor in its price, with more recent or well-kept models costing more than older, worse-condition models.

Year of Manufacture
Another important factor influencing the price of a 240 tractor is its year of manufacture; newer models tend to cost more.

Features of the MF 240 Tractor

The MF 240 tractor offers many features that make it an attractive option for farmers in Pakistan, including:

The MF 240 tractor was constructed to last. Crafted with high-grade materials, this tractor has been engineered to handle even heavy-duty use in the field.

The MF 240 tractor is an extremely versatile machine, suitable for performing various agricultural tasks. It can be equipped with numerous attachments and implements, including plows, cultivators, planters and harvesters – providing it has power steering capability.

Affordable Tractor:
The MF 240 tractor’s primary advantage lies in its competitive price point and exceptional value for money, making it an excellent option for farmers seeking a cost-efficient machine.

Used MF 240 Tractor Prices in Pakistan

When purchasing a used MF 240 tractor in Pakistan, expect to pay less than you would for a brand-new machine. Prices can depend upon various factors including its condition, age, and location; prices of used machines can also differ significantly between dealers.

As of 2024, the average price of a used MF 240 tractor in Pakistan ranges from approximately PKR 1,000,000 to PKR 1,500,000. Before purchasing any machine of this kind, always perform an in-depth inspection and test drive in order to ensure its good condition and ensure you receive an item that fulfills its stated purpose.

Benefits of Owning 240 Tractor

Increased Productivity

  • The MF 240 tractor can help farmers increase their productivity by decreasing both the time and effort required to perform agricultural tasks. Equipped with powerful engines and numerous attachments, this tractor helps complete tasks swiftly and efficiently.

Cost Savings

  • This is an economical solution designed to help farmers save money in the long run by decreasing manual labor requirements and increasing productivity, saving on labor costs while increasing profitability.

Durability and Reliability

  • The MF 240 is an extremely durable and reliable machine designed to withstand even the toughest field conditions, and requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal choice for farmers seeking reliable machinery that they can count on over time.

Specifications of MF 240 Tractor

Engine TypePerkins AD 3.152, 3-cylinder diesel engine
Engine Power46 horsepower
PTO Power38 horsepower
Fuel Tank Capacity47.5 liters
Transmission TypeSliding spur, Constant mesh
Number of Gears8 forward and 2 reverse
Hydraulic SystemOpen center, Dual pump
3-Point HitchCategory I and II
Lift Capacity1600 kg
SteeringManual steering
BrakesMechanical, Wet disc
Weight1850 kg
Wheelbase2045 mm
Length3600 mm
Width1670 mm
Height2170 mm
Ground Clearance340 mm
Front Tires6.00-16
Rear Tires12.4/11-28

Comparison with its Competitors

When compared to its competitors, the 240 tractor has a lower price point, which makes it more accessible to small and medium-sized farmers. It also has a more efficient fuel consumption rate, which translates to lower operating costs. However, some of its competitors have more advanced features, such as air-conditioned cabins, that make them more comfortable to use in extreme weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

The MF 240 tractor stands as a cost-effective and trustworthy alternative for Pakistani farmers with small to medium-sized operations. Its adaptability, resilience, and productivity render it a favored selection within the agricultural community. The price of the MF 240 tractor in Pakistan fluctuates based on various factors, with the provision of financing options catering to individuals unable to make upfront payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the MF 240 tractor suitable for small to medium-sized farms?

Yes, the MF 240 tractor is specially designed for small and medium-sized farms, making it a great choice for different farming tasks.

What is the average price of a new MF 240 tractor in Pakistan?

As of 2024, the average price of a new MF 240 tractor in Pakistan is around RS 2,020,000.

Can the MF 240 tractor be equipped with attachments and implements?

Yes, the 240 tractors can be equipped with a range of attachments and implements, including plows, cultivators, planters, and harvesters.

What are the benefits of owning an MF 240 tractor?

The benefits of owning a 240 tractor include increased productivity, cost savings, durability and reliability.

Where can I purchase an MF 240 tractor in Pakistan?

You can purchase an MF 240 tractor from authorized dealerships located throughout Pakistan.

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