Cotton Price in Pakistan Today 2023 Phutti Rates in Market

Cotton price in Pakistan today 2023 ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,300 per 40 kilogram. Pakistan is among the top cotton-producing countries globally, with over 9 million bales produced in the 2020-21 season alone. All four provinces in Pakistan cultivate cotton, with Punjab taking the lead as the largest producer, closely followed by Sindh. In this article, we will delve into the significance of cotton in Pakistan’s economy, its production process, and the factors influencing its price.

The cotton industry in Pakistan has faced numerous challenges over the years, including pests, diseases, and natural disasters, which have impacted cotton production and prices. Moreover, the cotton price/rate in Pakistan is influenced by several other factors such as global demand and supply, weather conditions, and government policies.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect cotton prices in Pakistan and provide an overview of the current state of the market.

Cotton Price in Pakistan Today

Cotton Price in Pakistan 2023 Kapas Rate آج پھٹی کا ریٹ

The following table provides the cotton rate in Pakistan per 40 kg for different provinces.

Price/Rate in Punjab Province:

District / CityMinimum RateMaximum RateAverage Rate
MarotPKR 7,000PKR 7,650PKR 7,350
HaroonabadPKR 7,000PKR 7,800PKR 7,400
RajanpurPKR 6,500PKR 7,650PKR 7,000
ChichawatniPKR 6,500PKR 8,000PKR 7,200
VehariPKR 7,000PKR 8,000PKR 6,700
SahiwalPKR 6,000PKR 7,000PKR 6,500
Mian ChannuPKR 6,500PKR 7,500PKR 7,000
FortabbasPKR 7,000PKR 7,800PKR 7,400
Dunga BungaPKR 7,000PKR 8,000PKR 7,500
Toba Tek SinghPKR 6,000PKR 7,050PKR 6,500
FaqirwaliPKR 7,000PKR 7,800PKR 7,400
Yazman MandiPKR 6,000PKR 7,700PKR 6,700
KhanewalPKR 6,000PKR 7,600PKR 6,800
LodhranPKR 6,900PKR 7,700PKR 6,350
HasilpurPKR 7,500PKR 8,000PKR 7,750
Rahim Yar KhanPKR 6,500PKR 8,100PKR 7,550
SadiqabadPKR 6,500PKR 8,150PKR 7,400
OkaraPKR 6,500PKR 7,650PKR 7,000
ShujabadPKR 6,500PKR 7,550PKR 7,100

Price/Rate in Balochistan Province:

District / CityMinimum RateMaximum RateAverage Rate
KharanPKR 7,000PKR 7,400PKR 7,200
KhuzdarPKR 7,500PKR 8,400PKR 7,975
SibiPKR 7,000PKR 7,400PKR 7,250
WadhPKR 8,200PKR 8,600PKR 8,350
UthalPKR 7,200PKR 7,800PKR 7,450
NalPKR 7,800PKR 8,800PKR 8,350
WinderPKR 7,100PKR 7,800PKR 7,450
PanjgurPKR 7,100PKR 7,600PKR 7,350
TurbatPKR 7,500PKR 7,700PKR 7,600
LasbelaPKR 7,700PKR 8,200PKR 7,975

Price/Rate in Sindh Province:

District / CityMinimum RateMaximum RateAverage Rate
Tando AllahyarPKR 5,100PKR 6,800PKR 6,000
Shahpur ChakarPKR 5,600PKR 6,800PKR 6,050
ShikarpurPKR 7,400PKR 8,772PKR 7,572
JhudoPKR 5,200PKR 5,800PKR 5,500
BadinPKR 5,200PKR 5,800PKR 7,450
GhotkiPKR 7,000PKR 7,600PKR 7,300
SalehputPKR 8,500PKR 8,700PKR 8,600
NaukotPKR 7,572PKR 9,372PKR 8,472
UmarkotPKR 5,100PKR 6,800PKR 6,050
MehrabpurPKR 7,500PKR 7,700PKR 7,600
Qazi AhmedPKR 7,000PKR 7,700PKR 7,475
DaharkiPKR 6,372PKR 8,772PKR 7,572
RanipurPKR 8,500PKR 8,700PKR 8,600
DigriPKR 5,500PKR 5,800PKR 5,650
KhuzdarPKR 7,500PKR 8,400PKR 7,950
HyderabadPKR 5,000PKR 8,200PKR 6,650
Nawab ShahPKR 5,600PKR 6,800PKR 6,200

Factors Affecting Cotton Price in Pakistan

Several factors influence the cotton price (kapas ka rate) in any country. Some of the most important factors are discussed below.

Global Demand and Supply

Pakistan is a major cotton exporter, with a significant portion of its cotton exports going to China, the world’s largest consumer of cotton. Therefore, the demand for cotton in China plays a crucial role in determining the cotton price in Pakistan. Other factors that affect global demand and supply include cotton production in other countries, the availability of substitutes, and the general state of the global economy.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as rainfall and temperature can have a significant impact on cotton production in Pakistan. Pakistan’s cotton belt is located in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as floods and droughts, which can cause significant damage to cotton crops, resulting in lower production and higher prices.

Government Policies

Government policies such as subsidies, taxes, and import and export regulations can also have a significant impact on cotton prices. For example, the government’s decision to impose a ban on cotton exports in 2020 to meet the domestic demand resulted in a surge in cotton prices in the local market.

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases such as pink bollworm and whitefly have been a major challenge for cotton growers. The infestation of these pests can significantly reduce cotton yields, resulting in lower production and higher prices.

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Current State of the Cotton Market in Pakistan

The cotton market is currently facing several challenges. The country’s cotton production has been impacted by pests and diseases, natural disasters, and low yields. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the cotton market, leading to a decrease in global demand and supply.

According to the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), the country’s cotton production in the 2020-21 season was 9.45 million bales, compared to the target of 10.5 million bales. This has led to an increase in cotton prices in the local market, with prices reaching a six-year high of PKR 12,000 per maund (40 kg) in February 2021.

The government has taken several measures to support the cotton industry in Pakistan. For example, in March 2021, the government announced a PKR 100 billion package to support the cotton industry, which includes measures such as providing subsidies to farmers, improving the availability of credit, and investing in research and development.

Conclusion: Cotton Price/Kapas Rate

In conclusion, cotton prices in Pakistan are subject to a range of factors that can have a significant impact on the industry. These factors include supply and demand, weather conditions, government policies, global trade patterns, and currency exchange rates. By understanding these factors, cotton farmers, traders, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how to manage their businesses in a rapidly changing market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the current cotton price in Pakistan?

A. As of April 2023, the cotton price is around PKR 11,000 per maund (40 kg).

Q. What was the highest cotton price in recent years?

A. The highest cotton price in recent years was recorded in February 2021, when the price reached PKR 12,000 per maund.

Q. How does the cotton prices in Pakistan compare to other countries?

A. The cotton price is influenced by global demand and supply, which is affected by factors such as cotton production in other countries, availability of substitutes, and the general state of the global economy. Therefore, the cotton prices in Pakistan may be higher or lower than in other countries depending on these factors.

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