Marble Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Rate List of all Marble Types

Marble flooring should be at the top of your wishlist when planning out your dream home, offering timeless beauty and elegance that cannot be rivaled. Before diving into this luxurious choice. However, understanding the Marble price in Pakistan today is crucial; due to various factors influencing pricing in 2024.

Marble price in pakistan

Marble Price in Pakistan Today

Marble prices in Pakistan depend on their type and origin. Flooring marble options range from around Rs. 60 to 150 per square foot while granite marble, known for its durability, can cost between Rs. 450 and 1500 per square foot – these differences underscore the need to gain as much information about material as possible before making an informed decision.

Marble TypeFloor RateStair RateKitchen Rate
Strawberry PinkRs. 120Rs. 400Rs. 600
Ziarat Supreme WhiteRs. 350Rs. 600Rs. 1200
ZebraRs. 85Rs. 250Rs. 350
Sunny WhiteRs. 110Rs. 300Rs. 400
Sunny GreyRs. 68Rs. 160Rs. 220
China VeronaRs. 200Rs. 400Rs. 650
Botticina FancyRs. 170Rs. 250Rs. 350
Silky BlackRs. 75Rs. 180Rs. 300
TaveraRs. 90Rs. 180Rs. 250
Black and GoldRs. 450Rs. 280Rs. 450
BadalRs. 70Rs. 250Rs. 350
Strawberry RedRs. 150Rs. 270Rs. 450
FlowerRs. 60Rs. 70Rs. 85
Ziarat WhiteRs. 350Rs. 500Rs. 800
Ziarat GreyRs. 85Rs. 270Rs. 350

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Factors Affecting the Marble Price in Pakistan

Numerous elements impact the price of marble in Pakistan, so understanding them can help you navigate the market more successfully.

Quality and Grade

Marble’s quality and grade play a large part in its price; higher grades typically attract a premium due to their rarity and desirable characteristics.


Marble sourced from different regions can have varying prices. Some varieties may be more readily available in specific areas, affecting the overall cost. Imported marble can also be pricier due to shipping and handling expenses.

Color and Pattern

Aesthetic factors of marble such as its color and pattern play an important role in its price in Pakistan. Rare or unique patterns may command higher value on the market.


Thickness Marble slab thickness can have an effect on its price; thicker slabs may cost more due to additional material and weight costs.

Common Types of Marbles in Pakistan

To make an informed decision, it’s essential to be familiar with the common types of marbles available in Pakistan. Each type has its unique characteristics and price range.

  • Carrara Marble
    Renowned for its white or blue-grey hue, Carrara marble is an increasingly popular choice in elegant interior design applications. Prices can range anywhere from moderate to expensive depending on its quality.
  • Statuario Marble
    Statuario marble stands out among its peers with its white hue and striking veining, making it an attractive luxury option with a higher price point.
  • Sunny Grey Marble
    Sunny Grey Marble’s gray background and striking veins make it an eye-catching option. Prices can vary depending on which style of marble you purchase, making this choice suitable for different budgets.

Future Trends and Predictions for Marble Prices

Predicting future trends in the marble market can provide insights for those planning long-term investments.

  • Technology Integration
    New innovations may impact the extraction and processing of marble, potentially impacting prices.
  • Sustainable Practices
    An increased emphasis on sustainability could cause changes to how marble is sourced and processed, possibly altering its market value.
  • Design Trends
    Design Trends Shifting design preferences may reshape demand for particular varieties of marble and therefore affect their prices accordingly.

Tips for Purchasing Marble in Pakistan

Understand Your Requirements

Prior to venturing out onto the market, take time to identify your individual needs and preferences for marble purchases. Understanding its purpose and intended place can help guide your choices when purchasing this type of material.

Set an Achievable Budget

A realistic budget range will allow you to narrow down options and avoid overspending during the selection process.

Research Marble Types

Be Sure to Do Your Homework Make an educated decision when purchasing marble by familiarizing yourself with its various varieties. Each variety offers its own set of characteristics, colors, and patterns; so do some preliminary research so as not to make hasty decisions.

Verify Quality and Grade

Be certain of the quality and grade of marble you’re considering purchasing; higher-quality pieces usually boast longer-term durability and aesthetic benefits; don’t compromise quality in favor of cost savings.

Examine Color and Pattern

Marble comes in various shades and patterns. Consider your desired aesthetic when selecting the marble variety best suited to achieving it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Marble

Advantages of Using Marble:

Elegant Aesthetic: Marble flooring has a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic, adding sophistication to any space it graces.

Marble’s Cool Temperature Properties: Marble provides a comfortable surface in warmer climates or during hot seasons, offering relief to users.

Variety of Colors and Patterns: Available in an extensive array of colors and unique veining patterns, these tiles provide versatile design solutions to match different interior styles.

Increased Property Value: Marble flooring is often associated with higher-end homes, leading to an increase in their property value.

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain: Marble’s smooth surface makes cleaning straightforward, while its nonporous nature prevents bacteria growth and allergen accumulation.

Disadvantages of Using Marble:

Marble Flooring’s High Costs: Marble floors can be expensive both in terms of material costs and installation expenses, making them less budget-friendly compared to some alternatives.

Stains Are an Issue: Marble’s porous structure allows liquids to soak into it, leaving it susceptible to staining. Spills must be quickly cleaned up to avoid permanent discoloration of its surface.

Scratch and Chip Vulnerability: Although durable, marble can still be susceptible to scratches and chips when subjected to high-traffic areas or heavy objects being dropped on it.

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Overall Conclusion

Understanding the current Marble Price in Pakistan is a necessary first step when considering this luxurious addition to their home. Factors such as quality, origin, color, and thickness all impact its cost; being knowledgeable of common types and their properties is also helpful when making an informed decision about buying marble for their home. Looking forward, trends such as technology sustainability design will likely play a part in shaping this market and should play into how your decision aligns with your vision for an aesthetically pleasing living space that lasts over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are marble prices in Pakistan expected to increase in the coming years?

Predicting exact price trends can be challenging, but factors like technological advancements and sustainable practices may influence future prices.

What factors should I consider when choosing marble for flooring?

Consider the type, origin, quality, and color of the marble, along with its durability and suitability for your specific needs.

Is imported marble worth the higher price?

Imported marble may offer unique varieties, but the decision depends on your budget, preferences, and the specific qualities you’re looking for.

Can marble be used for outdoor applications?

While marble is primarily used indoors, certain types are suitable for outdoor applications. It’s essential to choose a variety that can withstand external conditions.

How can I ensure the longevity of marble in my home?

Regular maintenance, proper cleaning, and avoiding harsh chemicals can contribute to the longevity of marble surfaces in your home.


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