New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

The New Holland NH 70-56 4WD tractor with a price of Rs. 4,575,000 has quickly become one of the most capable tractors in Pakistan. Its robust engine power, advanced features, and affordable pricing have made it one of the favorite agricultural machines available to them. Here we explore its features, specifications, and price in Pakistan while emphasizing its importance and benefits to agricultural operations.

NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan

NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

The New Holland NH 70-56 tractor is a 4-wheel drive (4WD) tractor model manufactured by Al-Ghazi Tractors. Equipped with an 85-horsepower engine, this tractor provides ample power for agricultural tasks across a wide variety of fields and climates. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and durability to ensure farmers can efficiently complete daily operations, this tractor ensures success for many years of daily work operations.

NH 4WD TractorOld PricesNew Prices in PKR
NH 70-56Rs. 4,272,000Rs. 4,575,000

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Impressive Features of New Holland NH 70-56 Tractor

The New Holland NH 70-56 tractor is renowned for its array of features, which enhance its performance and efficiency. Let us take a closer look at some of the notable features that set this tractor apart:

Engine Power and Specifications:

At the heart of the NH 7056 lies a robust engine boasting an impressive power output of 85 horsepower. This formidable engine guarantees optimal performance, enabling the tractor to handle an extensive range of agricultural tasks with ease and efficiency. Running on diesel fuel, the NH 70-56 also ensures efficient consumption, allowing farmers to maximize productivity while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Operating Weight and Dimensions:

Weighing in at 2600 kg, the NH 7056 offers remarkable stability and balance during operation. This optimal weight distribution contributes to the tractor’s maneuverability, making it well-suited for various terrains.

Tire Size and Axle Type:

The NH 70-56 tractor features 12.4/11-24 front tires and 18.4/15-30 rear tires, providing exceptional traction and stability on various surfaces. Its 4WD configuration with parallel drive axle engagement amplifies the tractor’s grip and pulling power, enabling it to conquer challenging terrains and handle heavy loads effortlessly.

Hydraulic Lift Capacity and Steering:

With a remarkable hydraulic lift capacity of 2200 kg, the NH-7056 tractor empowers farmers to easily lift and transport heavy loads. This feature proves particularly beneficial during tasks such as loading and unloading materials. Additionally, the tractor’s hydrostatic power steering system ensures smooth and effortless maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall productivity.

Brake Type and Parking Brake:

Equipped with an oil-immersed, multi-disc brake system, the NH 70-56 tractor delivers reliable and efficient braking performance. This advanced braking system ensures safety during operation, granting precise control over the tractor in various conditions.

Specifications of New Holland NH 70-56

To provide a thorough overview of the New Holland NH 70-56 tractor, here are its detailed specifications:

Engine Power85 HP
Operating Weight2600 KG
Engine RPM2500 rpm
Fuel TypeDiesel
Clutch TypeDual
Clutch Diameter305mm x 254mm
Transmission8 Gear
Front Tire12.4/11-24
Rear Tire18.4/15-30
Front Axle Type (4WD)Parallel Drive
Axle EngagementMechanical
Driver’s SeatSuspension and Hydraulic
Engine Speed at 540 PTO RPM1750 rpm
Hydraulic Lift Capacity2200 Kg
SteeringHydrostatic Power
Brake TypeOil immersed, Multi-Disc
Parking BrakeHand Lever Operated

These specifications highlight the advanced capabilities and quality engineering of the New Holland NH 70-56 tractor, making it a suitable and efficient option for farmers in Pakistan.

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Overall Conclusion

The New Holland NH-7056 tractor provides an efficient engine, attractive features, and rugged specifications, making it one of the most sought-after models in Pakistan. At Rs 4,272,000 it represents outstanding value for money – providing farmers with reliable performance and increased productivity an investment worth making.

Before purchasing a tractor, it is crucial to carefully assess its features and specifications to ensure they match up with your specific agricultural requirements. The New Holland NH-7056’s engine power, operating weight, transmission system, tire size, and other features make it suitable for tasks from plowing fields to transporting heavy loads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the New Holland NH-7056 tractor handle heavy-duty tasks?

Yes, the NH-7056 tractor is designed to handle various heavy-duty tasks with its 85-horsepower engine and robust build.

Is the NH-7056 tractor suitable for different terrains?

Absolutely, the NH-7056 tractor’s 4WD configuration and parallel drive axle engagement make it well-suited for different terrains, providing excellent traction and stability.

What is the fuel consumption of the NH-7056 tractor?

The NH-7056 tractor runs on diesel fuel, which offers efficient fuel consumption, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Does the NH-7056 tractor come with a warranty?

It is advisable to check with the manufacturer or authorized dealer for the warranty details specific to the NH-7056 tractor.

Where can I purchase the New Holland NH-7056 tractor in Pakistan?

Authorized New Holland dealerships and reputable online marketplaces are reliable sources for purchasing the NH-7056 tractor in Pakistan.

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