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Farmers actively utilize a variety of cultivators as essential machinery for plowing and tilling the land, aiming to achieve increased productivity. One such tool is the Tine Cultivator, renowned for its versatility. This efficient implementation aids in soil preparation for crop planting while simultaneously eradicating weeds, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. In this article, we delve into the pricing, features, and specifications of Tine Cultivators extensively used in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

What is a Tine Cultivator?

Before we dive deeper into cultivators and their various functions, we must first grasp their purpose. Tine Cultivator is a machine used in farming that prepares the soil for planting by breaking up and clearing away weeds – creating an even surface suitable for seed planting. Cultivators may be combined with other farm machinery like tractors.

Tine Cultivator Price in Pakistan

Tine Cultivator Price in Pakistan

The price of a Tine Cultivator in Pakistan depends on various factors including type, size and features. Generally speaking, they range anywhere between Rs. 160,000 to Rs. 215,000 depending on brand warranty/availability considerations.

Cultivator with Spring Price:

Cultivator Model (With Spring)Prices in Pakistan
11 Tines CultivatorRs. 170,000
13 Tines CultivatorRS. 195,000

Heavy-Duty Cultivator without Spring Price:

This is a heavy-duty cultivator without springs. It is used to dig deeper into the soil to increase its productivity. As the materials used in this model are heavier, the price of cultivators without springs is usually higher than those with springs. Here are the Prices:

Heavy Duty Cultivator without Spring
Cultivator Model (Without Spring)Prices in Pakistan
11 Tines Cultivator Heavy DutyRs. 190,000
11 Tines Cultivator Heavy DutyRs. 225,000

Types of Tine Cultivators

The Tine Cultivator used in agriculture comes in various types and each has its own set of unique features. Common cultivators include:

Spring-Tooth Cultivator

This cultivator utilizes spring tines to break up the soil. It is ideal for uneven terrain such as gardens and vineyards.

Disc Cultivators

A disc cultivator uses rotating discs to break up soil and remove weeds from large-scale farming operations.

Field Cultivator

Field cultivators are used to till larger tracts of land. Their long shanks allow them to penetrate deep into the soil, making them effective at breaking up hard ground.

Rotary Cultivator

Rotary cultivators use rotating tines to break up soil and remove weeds. Therefore, they are suitable for smaller-scale farming operations and gardens.

Heavy Duty without Spring Cultivator:

The Heavy Duty Cultivator is an advanced cultivator that operates without springs. This innovative design allows it to dig deeper into the soil compared to traditional models. It is perfect for prepping fields before planting or cultivating existing crops. The cultivator provides excellent performance and ensures optimal soil preparation for successful agricultural endeavors.

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Features and Specifications of Cultivators

When purchasing a cultivator, there are various features and specifications that should be taken into consideration. Some of these are:

  • Size: If you have a smaller garden, a rotary cultivator might be sufficient. However, if you are working in larger fields it might require something larger like an amphibious cultivator.
  • Horsepower: A cultivator’s horsepower determines its power. A more powerful cultivator can handle tougher soil and weed conditions with greater ease.
  • Width: A cultivator’s width determines its ability to cover more ground in one pass. Moreover, larger cultivators offer greater coverage, making them suitable for larger fields.
  • Tines: The tines on a cultivator determine its effectiveness at breaking up soil and eliminating weeds. Some models feature adjustable tines which can be set at different depths depending on your soil type.

Benefits of Utilizing a Tine Cultivator

An effective cultivator provides numerous advantages to farmers. Some of these advantages include:

Increased Productivity

The Tine Cultivator allow farmers to prepare their land more efficiently, leading to greater productivity and improved crop yields.


Cultivators offer farmers significant time and labor savings compared to manual tilling methods.

Weed Control

Cultivators offer an efficient solution for weed control, cutting down on time-intensive and laborious manual weeding efforts.

Soil Health

Cultivators can help improve soil health by breaking up and adding air pockets into the ground, which improves water retention and nutrient uptake.

Tips for Buying a Cultivator in Pakistan

When purchasing a cultivator in Pakistan, several key considerations must be kept in mind to get the best value for money. Here are a few tips:

  • Research Brands: Research all the available cultivator brands and opt for a reputable one like Zeeshan Zarai Alaat. Also, read reviews from other farmers to get an idea of their performance and durability.
  • Consider Your Needs: Carefully consider the size and type of soil in your garden before selecting an ideal cultivator for you.
  • Compare Prices: Do your research before selecting your cultivator supplier. Don’t just opt for the cheapest offer but rather ensure it offers maximum value within your budget.
  • Check the Warranty: Make sure the brand or supplier offers adequate warranty coverage for any defects or damages in their product.

Conclusion: Tine Cultivator Price in Pakistan

Tine Cultivator is an essential machine for farmers seeking to increase productivity and reduce manual labor. When purchasing one in Pakistan, consider factors like type, size, horsepower, tines and other features when making your selection. Furthermore, research various brands and compare prices before finding one with which you feel most confident that will meet your needs at an excellent value for your money. With an effective cultivator at their disposal, farmers can prepare their land more efficiently leading to greater crop yields and improved soil health.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I use a cultivator on my farm?

It depends on the type of soil and the crops you are planting. Generally, using a cultivator before planting and after harvesting is recommended.

Are Tine Cultivators easy to maintain?

Yes, cultivators are relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and oiling can help keep them in good working condition.

Can I use a cultivator on rocky terrain?

Yes, spring-tooth cultivators are ideal for rocky or uneven terrain.

Do I need a tractor to use a cultivator?

Yes, cultivators are typically attached to tractors and pulled along the ground.

Are cultivators environmentally friendly?

Yes, cultivators can be environmentally friendly, as they help reduce the need for chemical weed control and can improve soil health.

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